Our Mission


The Hospice Foundation of the South is dedicated to providing resources for medical and emotional care for terminally ill patients and their families.

Who We are


The Hospice House is a home designed to allow terminally ill patients who are in a preferred hospice program with the Hospice Foundation, a place to stay during their final days at no cost.  The home is owned and operated by the Hospice Foundation of the South. We are  a not for profit 501-c-3.  Caregivers are in the home 24 hours a day to stay with the residents. The preferred hospice programs recommend people who, because of circumstances in their lives, need a place to live while dying.  Family members are encouraged to visit with their loved ones.

The home has 3 bedrooms, and each room has its own bathroom and a screened in porch area. There is a living room for families to congregate. We also have a kitchen and dining room for residents and family members to have a special occasion, or just a dinner together.

This is the only home of this type in the community.  We are very proud to be able to offer these services.


Our Beginnings


The Hospice Foundation of the South began as a part of Slidell Memorial Hospital Hospice Foundation.  In an era of changes the Hospital sold its Home Health and Hospice programs.  The Hospice Foundation of the South (HFOS) was born.  For many years the HFOS supported hospice programs with indigent patients by paying for hospice care, sitters, funeral assistance, medications, electric bills, and food.  All the while still raising money with the hope of one day building a Hospice House.

In late 2008 The HFOS and HOST (Hospice of St. Tammany’s Foundation) joined together as HFOS with both the east and west sides of the parish continuing to support indigent patients and moving forward with the Hospice House.

March 4, 2014 the only Hospice Home in St. Tammany Parish was opened.

The three-bedroom home is owned and operated by the Hospice Foundation of the South.  It allows terminally ill hospice patients a place to live out their final days in home setting with family while having the support of their hospice program and our caregivers.  Home Instead Senior Care provides the caregivers for the home.

In our first year of being opened we served over 210 patients and families in the St. Tammany area.  The Hospice Home has been everything the HFOS thought it would be and then more!  We are very proud of what we do.